The World Factbook 2005

The World Factbook 2005 1.4.1

The world famous collection of geopolitical data for phones

The complete World Factbook 2005 from the CIA now for Nokia Series 60 and Sony Ericsson phones. The CIA World Factbook provides up-to-date informations to 271 countries and territories with high-resolution maps and flags of every country in the world.

Features of the World Factbook:

  • Reliable and always up-to-date: the World Factbook has been regularly updated since 1986 by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
  • High acceptance: the Factbook is used worldwide by many authorities, businessmen, students
  • Informations not only to countries of our world but also to territories like oceans or places whose status has not been resolved yet
  • Fast search. Wildcard (*) search supported
  • High-resolution, colorful maps for every country and territory of our world
  • Flags of every country in the world
  • Nice graphical user-interface. Makes browsing and reading the factbook on your mobile phone a pleasure

Take this wealth of information with you wherever you go!

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The World Factbook 2005


The World Factbook 2005 1.4.1

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    "Full of info"

    The World factbook is full of handy and interesting content..   More.